Hearings are generally open to the public, and held electronically, unless otherwise ordered by the Horse Racing Appeal Panel.

Hearings are held electronically via Zoom.  If you would like access to any hearings held electronically, please submit an email providing your name, email address, and phone number to info@hrappealpanel.ca.

When so ordered, in person hearings will be held at:


10 Carlson Court
4th Floor - Suite 400
Toronto, ON
M9W 6L2

If you would like access to any hearings held electronically, please submit an email providing your name, email and phone number to info@hrappealpanel.ca.

Current Appeals

The following appeals have been filed and are currently before the Panel.

For further details about an appeal, including confirmation that it is proceeding on the scheduled date, you may contact the HRAP Office at 416-326-8700, or by e-mail at info@hrappealpanel.ca.

NOTE: This information is provided as a courtesy. The HRAP cannot guarantee the accuracy of the above as it may be updated or changed at any time. It is recommended that you verify all information prior to the specified hearing date.

Decisions and Orders

Following a hearing, the HRAP may confirm or vary the decision being appealed or set it aside. The HRAP issues its official decisions in writing. Published decisions are available free of charge on the Canadian Legal Information Institute website (CanLII). – links to specific decisions will be posted below once available.

Decisions and Orders List (last 6 months)

Liste des décisions et des ordonnances dans les 6 derniers mois

Case Name Case Descriptionsort descending Hearing Date Decision / Order Type Decision / Order
Loughry, Michael Interference 12/07/2022 Decision on Appeal TB HRAP 06032 2022
Cirasuola, Joseph Other Racing Violation: 10/03/2022 SB HRAP 05028 2022
Sumner, Jordyn Other Racing Violation: 12/08/2022 Decision on Motion SB HRAP 05036 2022
Moore, Andy Interference 09/20/2022 Decision on Appeal SB HRAP 05030 2022
Lacaille, Sylvain Urging 12/12/2022 Decision on Motion SB HRAP 05034 2022
Sarrazin, Yves Other Racing Violation: 09/08/2022 Decision on Appeal SB HRAP 05027 2022
Kimura, Kazushi Interference 12/14/2022 TB HRAP 06029 2022
Spada, Craig Interference 11/08/2022 Decision on Appeal QH HRAP 07001 2022
Jones, Slade Interference 12/14/2022 TB HRAP 06028 2022
McClure, Bob Interference 11/08/2022 SB HRAP 05033 2022
Salles Zanelato, Leonardo Interference 12/21/2022 TB HRAP 06031 2022
Kimura, Kazushi Interference 11/09/2022 Decision on Motion TB HRAP 06020 2022
McGinnis, Jason Other Racing Violation: 12/15/2022 Decision on Appeal SB HRAP 05002 2023
Jones, Slade Interference 11/18/2022 Decision on Motion TB HRAP 06021 2022



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