Case Name Case Description Stay in Effect? Start Time Hearing Datesort ascending Hearing type
Kimura, Kazushi Interference Yes 9:00 AM 11/28/2019 Appeal
Ontario Harness Horse (OHHA) Other Racing Violation: No 9:00 AM 11/25/2019 Motion
Lafond, Renico Interference No 9:00 AM 11/20/2019 Appeal
Long, Chris Urging Yes 11:00 AM 11/20/2019 Appeal
Roberts, Stephen Other Racing Violation: Yes 11:00 AM 11/14/2019 Appeal
Harris, J. Bradley Urging Yes 9:00 AM 11/14/2019 Appeal
Miller, David Urging Yes TBD TBD
Oliver, Kenneth Urging Yes TBD TBD
McClure, Bob Urging Yes TBD TBD
Kerbel, Dr. Ryan Other Racing Violation: No TBD TBD
Primeau, Jacques Equine Drug or Medication - Trainer and Horse No TBD TBD
Baillargeon, Mario Urging Yes TBD TBD Motion
Ballinger, Julie Other Racing Violation: No TBD TBD Motion
Tetrick, Tim Urging Yes TBD TBD
Christoforou, Chris Urging Yes TBD TBD
McCarthy, Andrew Urging Yes TBD TBD
Loyer, Luc Equine Drug or Medication - Trainer Yes TBD TBD
Hudon, Phil Urging Yes TBD TBD
Moore, Andy Urging No TBD TBD
Mackenzie, Paul Urging Yes TBD TBD


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