***Important Notice***

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Horse Racing Appeal Panel (HRAP) is taking necessary precautionary measures to safeguard the health and well-being of front line staff, parties and Ontarians.

Effective immediately, pursuant to Rule 12.1 of the Panel's Rules of Procedure, the HRAP is adjourning all in-person hearings scheduled for hearing on or before April 10, 2020, to be re-scheduled at a later date.

Please be advised that in all other respects, the HRAP will be maintaining its services as usual.

Service of summonses, in accordance with Rule 3.11 of the Panel's Rules of Procedure, is waived during this period, to allow service other than in-person, such as electronic or courier.

The safety, health, and well-being of our stakeholders and the public continues to be our top priority.

Please take note that appellants and participants are to monitor the HRAP website for further updates and information on the scheduling of new hearing dates.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the HRAP office at 416-326-8700 or info@hrappealpanel.ca .

***Avis important***

En réponse à la pandémie de coronavirus (COVID-19), le Horse Racing Appeal Panel (HRAP) prend les mesures de précaution nécessaires pour protéger la santé et le bien-être du personnel de première ligne, des parties et des Ontariens.

Avec effet immédiat, conformément à l'article 12.1 du Règlement intérieur du Groupe spécial, le HRAP ajourne toutes les audiences en personne dont l'audience est prévue pour le 10 avril 2020 ou avant, pour être reportée à une date ultérieure.

Veuillez noter qu'à tous autres égards, le HRAP maintiendra ses services comme d'habitude.

La signification des assignations, conformément à la règle 3.11 du Règlement intérieur du Groupe spécial, est supprimée pendant cette période, pour permettre une signification autre qu'en personne, par exemple électronique ou par messagerie.

La sécurité, la santé et le bien-être de nos parties prenantes et du public continuent d'être notre priorité absolute.

Veuillez prendre note que les appelants et les participants doivent surveiller le site Web du HRAP pour obtenir des mises à jour et des informations supplémentaires sur le calendrier des nouvelles dates d'audience.

Si vous avez des questions ou des préoccupations supplémentaires, veuillez contacter le bureau du HRAP au 416-326-8700 ou info@hrappealpanel.ca.

About The Horse Racing Appeal Panel

Who we are

Established on April 1, 2016 under the Horse Racing Licence Act, 2015, the Horse Racing Appeal Panel (HRAP) is an adjudicative body mandated by the Government of Ontario to hear appeals of decisions made under the Rules of Racing.

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Panel Members

HRAP members are appointed by the AGCO Board based on experience and qualifications. Additionally, it is important that there is broad representation from the various sectors of the industry on the Panel, ensuring the appropriate experience and expertise is available. All Appointments are made through a competitive, merit-based process, with the intent to employ a broad cross-section of individuals with horse racing experience and ideally with one or more of the following qualifications: legal experience; scientific or medical/pharmacology expertise; governance background; experience in sport disputes; and knowledge of administrative justice principles. The appointments process helps to ensure that the HRAP operates and conducts appeals with integrity, and that the parties before it have confidence that they will be treated fairly and by an impartial panel.